Hasgeek TV: Feature Store for Machine Learning

  • a calendar iconMarch 12, 2021

Features are key to driving impact with AI at all scales, allowing organizations to dramatically accelerate innovation and time to market. In this talk, speaker Willem Pienaar explains how GO-JEK, Indonesia’s first billion-dollar startup, unlocked insights in AI by building a feature store called Feast, and some of the lessons they learned along the way.

Features are at the heart of what makes these machine learning systems effective. However, many challenges still exist in the feature lifecycle. Developing features from big data is often an engineering heavy task, with challenges in both the scaling of data processes and the serving of features in production systems. Teams also face challenges in enabling discovery, reducing duplication, improving understanding, and providing standardization of features throughout organizations.

Willem explains the need for features at organizations like GO-JEK and discusses the challenges faced in creating, managing, and serving them in production. He describes how in partnership with Google, GO-JEK designed and built a feature store called Feast to address these challenges and explore their motivations, the lessons they learned along the way, and the impact the feature store had on GO-JEK. He also talks about the open source plans for Feast and the roadmap going forward.