Adopting Feast @ Zulily – A behind the scenes look with Matt Ziegler

  • a calendar iconMay 10, 2021
A Macbook Pro folded over

Matt Ziegler is a lead software engineer at online retailer Zulily, where he works on the machine learning, data science and martech teams to create personalized shopping experiences at scale for millions of customers around the world. Passionate about open source and problem solving, Matt contributes to Feast after more than a decade of experience in software development.

Notable projects include leading the expansion of the machine learning platform and leading containerization and Docker orchestration at Zulily, where he arrived after leading several teams at McKesson. Matt graduated from the University of Idaho with dual degrees in computer science and business information systems, and when not at work, enjoys spending time with his family in Washington state. In this episode, Willem, Matt and Demetrios talk about some of the key factors Zulily considered while bringing on the feature store Feast.

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