Keeping Feast Simple with Danny Chiao // Feast Feature Store

  • a calendar iconDecember 14, 2021

Danny Chiao is an engineering lead at Tecton/Feast Inc working on building a next-generation feature store. Previously, Danny was a technical lead at Google working on end to end machine learning problems within Google Workspace, helping build privacy-aware ML platforms / data pipelines and working with research and product teams to deliver large-scale ML powered enterprise functionality. Danny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MIT.

In this session Danny tells Demetrios Brinkmann from the MLOps Community how he works with the Feast Community to drive design decisions. He gives some hot takes on how working at Google is much different than working for a startup, especially in the Machine Learning and Feature Store space. 

The current Python Centric Feast meets you where you are, whether thats a small team of 2 data scientists, or a platform team at Twitter. The Feast ecosystem is built with scalability and performance capabilities in mind. Danny was conscientious about how with the Python centric Feast approach it is not throwing the kitchen sink at uses from the start. The idea now is to allow teams to add as much complexity as needed once up and running with Feast.

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