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  • a calendar iconJuly 19, 2021
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Oleskii Moskalenko joins Demetrios Brinkmann to talk about how the team at Gojek is using Feast. Some of the main work Oleskii is doing is on the platform team. This episode centers around what his team focuses on when enabling data scientist, and what some of the main use ML cases are at Gojek.

Oleskii is currently an Engineering Lead at Gojek’s Data Science Platform, leading the Feature Store development. Prior to that he was Algorithm Engineer working on productionizing deep learning (computational photography) models at Wix. Moskalenko’s main focus is helping to convert academia’s accomplishments in Data Science into industrial software solving real-world problems.  Overall he has 15 years experience in software engineering with the last 6 years focusing on Data Engineering & productionizing Machine Learning.

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