Feast On-Prem – Modifications and customizations

  • a calendar iconJune 14, 2021
Computer Chip Internals

Feast creator Willem Pinaar and MLOps community organizer Demetrios Brinkmann are joined in this episode by Joost Rothweiler of Adyen. The episode dives into their on-prem use case and how the MLOps platform team at Adyen decided on using Feast for their feature store.

Joost Rothweiler leads the machine learning platform team at Adyen. His team is concerned with helping data scientists in the organization deliver value from machine learning by enabling them to iterate quickly and release new models with confidence. Joost has been involved with building out the machine learning infrastructure from the beginning and is especially motivated to drive the democratization of the use of machine learning in the broader organization. In the last months, the focus has been on delivering a feature store to provide consistent access to training and serving data, with the aim to create more powerful models and drive operational excellence.

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