Thinking Beyond the Feature Store and Data Warehouse With Miles Adkins of Snowflake

  • a calendar iconApril 29, 2022

Miles is a Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake and leads the technical go-to-market  and joint product integration strategy for Snowflake’s machine learning and data science partners. Miles has spent the entirety of his career in data science and sales engineering positions and specializes in financial markets and technology industries.

With the rise of data platforms that now can enable data sharing, and the ability for feature stores to create data pipelines as code, the direction is clear that the “Feature Cloud” concept is heading towards us rapidly. What will this mean for data providers in how they structure and make their data available? Where in the stack will be the processes that manage data provider SLAs. Who will vote on changes to feature definitions? These are just some of the questions that we will need to answer for shared data to power production machine learning use cases.

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